Thursday, June 21, 2012

New blog launch!

I stated this on my last post about my new blog venture.  Well now it's officially up and running! Click the link to head on over there to check out what I wear on a daily-ish basis :]

And always come back here for the more "artsy" crafty stuff .

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


I have recently become interested in crystals, from their appearance to their healing powers.  Have you ever taken the time to really examine a crystal up close?  There's so much detail & it takes a great eye to be able to draw one, let alone paint one.

I one day will master a drawing of a beautiful crystal.  Practice makes permanent right?  Here are some photos of crystals & crystal drawings/paintings that are currently lighting up my soul.(click the photo for source)

Oh yeah, I have this blog.

What do you do when life takes over?

You neglect your blog :(.  Sorry I haven't been posting for awhile now.   I'm actually about to start a new blog, a personal style one to be exact.  But don't worry, this blog will still be around.

 I want this blog to be focused more on art, music & my DIY projects.  My other one will be more about "fashion" know, outfit postings & thrift store goodies.

Thank you to those who have been visiting my blog & checking out older postings.  I will be up and running with everything shortly.  Sit tight :)