Wednesday, May 30, 2012

DIY Studded Denim Vest

Another quick project, nothing too special.

I've had a denim jacket in my closet that I got from the thrift store for over a year now & I have yet to wear it.  There was something about the sleeves that felt a little bulky to me.  So, if there's something you don't like about an article of clothing..fix it!

I decided to cut the sleeves off & make myself a simple studded denim vest.

You can buy studs from ebay, I made the mistake in not paying attention to where the studs were sourced from.  I had to wait a month for my studs to come in the mail because I ordered them from..CHINA!  Oops!  Well here's the final product, & an outfit post too!

Oh! I must say that I also have this sick obsession with going to the thrift store, you can find so many goodies there!  I go to my local one about every other Sunday and always get a bunch of stuff.  I want to start looking for more homeware trinkets for my room.  

If you follow me on instagram(_Jessicatee) you've already seen my thrift store finds.  I'll probably make it a regular posting on this blog..if I remember.  But almost everything in this outfit is from the thrift store.

Studded Denim Vest-DIY/Thrifted
Basic T-Thrifted
Bleach Dyed Leggings-DIY/Target
Jewelry-H&M/Urban Outfitters/Tunnel Vision

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Dropped the ball again with the music monday.  Sorry guys!

Why is it that artists from the UK are so freakin' talented!?  There must be something in the water...  There are wonderfully talented people here don't get me wrong..but there's just something special with UK artists.

If you have seen the new Microsoft commercial then you were probably wondering whose soulful & powerful voice you were listening to in the background.

It's none other than Alex Clare!  Once I heard that song I was so pressed to find out who it was.  Everyone should definitely buy his album, I love him.

Now I must stalk him to see when he's going to be doing a US tour.


Thursday, May 17, 2012

Bitchin' New Boots

You guys already know how I feel about some of the stuff you see on free people's website that you can easily make yourself right?

Here's another BIG one!

Check out these boots from free people .

I personally LOVE those boots, but would you honestly pay $438 for them?  Oh wait, they got marked down to $189.  Well my answer is still NOPE!

I saw this tutorial on a blog awhile back and I finally decided to give it a try myself.  It's pretty easy too.  You can either take a pair of cowboy boots that you already own, or just hit up your local thrift store.  I got a pair for $17.  Then buy a bunch of western belts, these cost me between $2-$4. 

Cut down the middle of the back of the boots.
Fold down the edges.
Then wrap some belts around to your liking. You can use glue if you want.

Free People price-$438/$189
My price-$23


Monday, May 14, 2012

Music Monday-Tennis

Happy music monday!

Have you ever had that moment when you hear a song while you're out shopping or working and you absolutely need to know who sings it?  Like it festers in your head all day, but when you get home you can only remember like 3 words to the song?  That was my issue when I was trying to figure out who sang this song at my job.  The lyrics were so heartfelt that it wasn't too hard to find out who sang it. When you google 'Take Me To Heaven With You', you can't go wrong.

Today's artist spotlight will be on Tennis!  I heard some of their music while at work & I love their song 'Take Me To Heaven'.  The lyrics are a little sad(not in a bad way), but there's something about it that I really like.


Sunday, May 13, 2012

Quick Sunday Project-Dip Bleach Dye

Hello everyone I hope you all had a good weekend.  And to all the mothers out there, happy mother's day.

This is a quick little post that kind of has something to do with my bleaching obsession.  I haven't used a colored shirt yet to try dip dyeing yet.  I actually bought a shirt from the thrift store today to try and dip dye, but I failed miserably haha.  Don't use a shirt that's 100% cotton to dip dye if it isn't black.  It's all about trial and error, who needs google?!  So after realizing I wasn't getting anywhere, I decided to dip dye a black blouse of mine.  All you need is a bucket, bleach, and a shirt(obviously)

After you dunk your shirt into the bleach, let it sit and wait until you're pleased at how much the color has changed.  Here's my finished shirt.

The only thing I would change is having the bleach hit the shirt a little lower, like under the pocket.  Other than that, I'm pretty pleased!

Happy Sunday.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Music Monday

As most of you know by now, Adam 'MCA' Yauch from the Beastie Boys died on May 4th.  Why do the people who make great music & generally have a great heart always leave us sooner than expected?!

Here are some Beastie Boys classics for you to enjoy.


Thursday, May 3, 2012

New tattoo/life update

Sorry once again for the lack of posting.  It's like when I try to post more on here, I'm forced to deal with bullshit in my life.

Car problems..ugh.  I actually JUST sold it for dirt cheap because it's not worth fixing. I guess I should be lucky to have a car but still..I got a job to get to & money to make!  Taking a cab everyday is kind of nice, I don't have to pay for gas, and I don't have to drive.  It has surprisingly been cheaper than renting a car for the week.  But I can't keep doing that over and over.  I hate bumming rides off of people too.

So everyone cross your fingers that I get a new car TOMORROW.  I have a good feeling that things will work out.  If not, then I'm buying me a bike from Target...ooh a beach cruiser would be cool.

OOOKAY  Life update..complete!  On to part two.

This past weekend I got a new tattoo on my foot.  So here are some pictures!

Calla lilies & pansies are my mom's favorite flowers.  I love my mom more than anything in the world =].  

There's a theme with all my tattoos, love.

Flower sleeve-I love flowers, they make me happy, & keep me calm.
10 stars on my neck-Each star represents a family member, I love my family.
My grandfathers name on my wrist-Obviously I love my grandfather & miss him everyday
Foot tattoo-I love my mom!!