Thursday, May 17, 2012

Bitchin' New Boots

You guys already know how I feel about some of the stuff you see on free people's website that you can easily make yourself right?

Here's another BIG one!

Check out these boots from free people .

I personally LOVE those boots, but would you honestly pay $438 for them?  Oh wait, they got marked down to $189.  Well my answer is still NOPE!

I saw this tutorial on a blog awhile back and I finally decided to give it a try myself.  It's pretty easy too.  You can either take a pair of cowboy boots that you already own, or just hit up your local thrift store.  I got a pair for $17.  Then buy a bunch of western belts, these cost me between $2-$4. 

Cut down the middle of the back of the boots.
Fold down the edges.
Then wrap some belts around to your liking. You can use glue if you want.

Free People price-$438/$189
My price-$23


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