Thursday, May 3, 2012

New tattoo/life update

Sorry once again for the lack of posting.  It's like when I try to post more on here, I'm forced to deal with bullshit in my life.

Car problems..ugh.  I actually JUST sold it for dirt cheap because it's not worth fixing. I guess I should be lucky to have a car but still..I got a job to get to & money to make!  Taking a cab everyday is kind of nice, I don't have to pay for gas, and I don't have to drive.  It has surprisingly been cheaper than renting a car for the week.  But I can't keep doing that over and over.  I hate bumming rides off of people too.

So everyone cross your fingers that I get a new car TOMORROW.  I have a good feeling that things will work out.  If not, then I'm buying me a bike from Target...ooh a beach cruiser would be cool.

OOOKAY  Life update..complete!  On to part two.

This past weekend I got a new tattoo on my foot.  So here are some pictures!

Calla lilies & pansies are my mom's favorite flowers.  I love my mom more than anything in the world =].  

There's a theme with all my tattoos, love.

Flower sleeve-I love flowers, they make me happy, & keep me calm.
10 stars on my neck-Each star represents a family member, I love my family.
My grandfathers name on my wrist-Obviously I love my grandfather & miss him everyday
Foot tattoo-I love my mom!!

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