Thursday, March 22, 2012

DIY-Floral Crown

I feel really sassy with this DIY. I kind of want to change it to DIYDS(Do It Yo' Damn Self).  This is probably the easiest DIY moment I've had.  And it's the one I love the most.  You can do so many different varieties!  I'm almost appalled that Free People has similar floral crowns between $28-$78.  Pardon my french but, fuck that!

I love free people, but damn that is way too much.  So I'm here to show you guys how you can make your own for less than $5. But if you want clasp claw closure in the back I'm sure the total would still be less than $10, just go to your local craft store and buy it.  I'm just doing the easier(even though the clasp claw closure would be easy too) version for now.

So here we go!  DIYDS Tutorial-Floral crown

(Cording, hot glue gun, dollar store flowers)

Now here are the steps in pictures!(CLICK TO ENLARGE!)

(before the clipping)

(and after..aww)

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